Sunday, April 5, 2009

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

April Packs Layouts

Some wonderful Layouts from Melanie Bauldry

Pixie Gems Layouts

This layout was done by the talented Natasha... and it is just lovely.... great work matching the pack with that lovely aqua colour....

Suzi has done a fantastic job on this layout... it is just lovely

Here is my Layout.. I used this pack to do a layout for ScrapBoutiques Blind Challenge Competiton. I love how it turned out... But I have used a different peice of cardstock... but I have lots of pp. left over so I plan another layout...

This is a LO of my DH and DD in the garden. Adrian goes out to weed and Bronte joins him. Needless to say they don't weed for very long as it usually turns into a wrestling match.

Hugs Tracey

Message in a Bottle Layout

Here is my Message in a Bottle Layout... loved this pack.. and how this layout turned out

This fantastic layout is by Suzi... it is lovely... we just love those flourish stamps... and the title is great.... wonderful job.

A LO of me and Bronte when she just came home from hospital. I did this LO as a challenge on Chook Scraps Website and have also used it as a sample on our new blog, Word Pictures.

Hugs Tracey.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mel's March Pack Layouts

Mel has sent in these fantastic layouts that she has created using this months packs. Mel we really love how you ahve used the beads and all of your doodling, and the butterfly/glitter chain is gorgeous. Great work.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Tracey's March Layouts

Innocent Escape
This is a page about Bronte (who else did you expect??) the journalling reads .... "Bronte sometimes you are so serious .... 3 seconds later you are your cheeky self!"

Fairy Innocence
Okay this one has photographed purple when it is a kind of Maroon colour. But I kind of like it this puprle colour. Another page about Bronte - this one is of when she was only a day old.
Thanks for looking
Fairy Hugs Tracey

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Innocent Escape Fairy Fun Pack Layouts

This great layout is from the talented Suzi.... Great Work Suzi...

Well done Natasha... this is a great Layout....

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Fairy Innocence Fairy Fun Pack Layouts

This great layout is by Jude Newson... we love the doodling and the filmstrip photos...
Great Layout

This layout is SOO different and so nice... This great work is from the very talented Suzi... this looks great.

This is my layout.... It is of Tracey's little girl Bronte with our Christmas Present... I adore Cabbage Patch Dolls... but with 2 boys haven't been able to buy one so I was quick to find a Cabbage Baby that looked just like Bronte. This was our 1st Christmas present for Bronte. Jodi

Layout by Lisa Balm... The cut out flourishes look great. Great job

Sunday, February 17, 2008

February Fairy Fun Pack - True Love Fairystyle

This fantastic layout is by the very talented Suzi.... What a great idea and it looks great on the stand... hope you have it on show for everyone to see....

Here is my layout using our True Love Fairystyle Fairy Fun Pack... I did this layout for the cybercrop at Chooks ... it was for challenge 1. I am happy with the way that it turned out... as these arn't traditional colours I use and it is the first wedding photo that I have scrapped... despite getting married in 2001. Hope you all like it. JOdi

Friday, February 8, 2008

February Fairy Fun Pack - Mermaid Splash Pack

This is a layout by the very talented Natasha Dennis... This layout is great and that flower is sensational... Well done....

Here is my Mermaid Splash pack... but my Mermaid is a little boy.... haha... After initally not knowing what to do with this pack I got a brainwave, found the perfect photo and just love the way it has turned out... I also submitted this for the Chooks Scraps Cybercrop Challenge 2. Jodi

I've finally got around to uploading my Mermaid Splash LO. I had great fun with this pack - it is perfect for those beach, pool or summer photos. This is a LO of Bronte on her first Beach Trip. Tracey.

This layout is by Jude Newson... a newcomer to Enchanted Scrapbooking. We love how you have used both BW photos (with a little touch of pink!!) and a main colour photo along with a wide range of different fibres and embellishments.... Great job .. The layout is great.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

February Mini Packs

This February the design team recieved MINI MAGIC Packs to trial before we release them later in the year .... These packs are small: they have patterned paper/s and a few embellishments .... they are a small version of our Fairy Fun Packs.....

Here is Suzi's layout using the Mini Magic Pack... This looks great. We love all that fine and delicate cutting out... and it looks terrific on the warm neutral cardstock. Great Work Suzi
This is the wonderful creation that Natasha has come up with using the Mini Magic Pack ... This is sensational... great job...

Here is my LO that I have put together with the Mini Magic Pack - It is a LO of Bronte and My Mother. I was going to title it Grammy's Angel, but once I had put it all together I decided that it didn't need a title. Tracey

This is the layout I did with the trial Mini Magic Pack.... Never imagined when I started this Layout it would turn out like this... But I am happy with it... Jodi

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

January Packs

Handsome Prince Pack
Here is my second layout using the paper and ribbons from the Handsome Prince pack. I found this pack so versatile... I really got excellent use out of this pack. I did this layout for the February Challenge at 123 Challenge Blog... You had to use a transparency, strip journalling and a number in the title.... Jodi

This gorgeous layout is from Bec Geach... this is lovely, and that was a good way to highlight how old Josh is when this photo was taken... very clever.

This is a gorgeous layout is from Kerryn Lawson... great work Kerryn

Well finally here is my layouts... we have finally moved into the house and finally got the internet on!!
this is my layout using the Handsome Prince Pack... loved the patterned paper and will use the rest of the paper to do another layout sometime soon. Jodi

Well it has my two handsome princes' in it - Adrian and Nanook, plus my little Princess Bronte. I love how this has come together, it tells the story of Bronte and Nanook ganging up on Daddy. Kind of a random placement of photos for me but I had fun. Tracey.

Check out what Natasha has done with the Handsome Prince Pack this month. How cool has she made it look. We really love how she has distressed the cardstock to make it really "go with" with the browns and oranges in the patterned paper - great job Natasha.


The Magic Mushroom Pack

This lovely layout is from Kerryn Lawson. This is lovely, the colours are perfect and that is such a cheeky little smile that definetly 'full of mischief!!!!!!!!!!!'

This Layout is of my precious new puppy Ella Bella. She was our family Christmas Present this year after the tragic loss of our wonderful Labrador Cooper. She is a gorgeous and vivacious baby girl... and finally I can scrap PINK!!! Jodi

The following layout is a funky fun layout that Suzi has done with the Magic Mushroom Pack - how much fun does it look? I am showing my age here but this Layout really brought back some memories of my childhood for me. We love how Suzi has used the bubble wrap to really create a layout that rocks!!!

With some of the left over patterned paper and ric-rac Suzi has put together this cute little butterfly - how lovely is it?? What a fantastic idea. Love it!

Well finally I have gotten around to uploading my Layouts using the January Packs. I even manged to do two LO with the first pack ..... even though I cheated and "borrowed" an extra felt mushroom. This LO is of Bronte and Gremlin - just a random photo I took of them playing together. Bronte is 7 months old in the photo and is sitting really well all by herself now - still not crawling but almost!!! Tracey

is another LO of Bronte - this time having her first real paddle in her clam shell pool - she is balancing on her hands and knees but not yet crawling. Tracey.I loved using this Magic Mushroom pack and found that it was easy and fun to use, the paper seemed to go with a stack of photos that I have. Tracey