Thursday, November 29, 2007

Design Team Challenge Five Layouts - Scraplift an Aussie

Scraplifted - Loretta Grayson

Scraplifted - Erica Glover

Scraplift - Celeste Veermeed

Scraplifted - Erica Glover

Scraplifted - Leeann Pearce.

I am totally inspired by her layouts, she is a totally awesome scrapper, all of her layouts are fresh funky & fun & she has an amazing amount of talent

Suzi - Lusi Austin
"I chose Lusi Austin, I love all her work. I really like the fun, fresh and vibrant style of her work. I also like all the little details and detailed journalling she includes in her pieces".

Scraplifted Lusi Austin....
"Lusi Austin is someone who's work I admire, her creative work inspires and motivates me to create my own works of art. I love the way her projects speak to you and show so much feeling".

Scraplifted Liz Weber


I have Scraplifted Jolene Pineear. I love her stuff but they are usually very girly so with only boys to scrap I generally just admire... but this layout of Jolene's was perfect for this challenge and for my Christmas layout of the boys unwrapping their presents last year... .... .... Jodi

Here is my Scraplift. It is scraplifted from the wonderful Charmane Koch. I have hidden journalling on the flip side of the journalling about Bronte and the Dragon. I have picked the up and coming Charm because her layouts are fun and funky and inspire me to think outside the box. Tracey.
We all love those Scrapbooking magazines... and we all love browsing internet galleries... This week we are asking you to Scraplift...... so now you will have an excuse for those endless hours looking at Scrapbooking galleries or magazines... 'you have to for your "work" !!!!'.... So we would like you to Scraplift an Australian Scrapper, and tell us why you admire their work and wanted to Scraplift them.... This can be done through the journalling.... or embellishments... or Pattern paper... or in a quick note to us in your submission....But somewhere with the Scraplifted layout you need to credit their work and say why you decided to Scraplift them.... Happy Scrapping... and it will be interesting to see who out there we all like and admire...

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Design Team Challenge Four Layouts - Pattern Paper Pack

Just had to update this post as one of the fantastic Layouts that was submitted has jsut been selected for publication.
We are sure you are all waiting to see these fabulous layouts. The challenge was to use the patterned paper pack with two 6x4 photos. Well everyone has done a terrific job - this competition is going to be extra hard to judge as you are all wonderful scrappers.
In no particular order .........


Sit Still

I love how this layout turned out... I had wanted to scrap these photos for years but never had the right products... I am now so glad that I waited. Jodi

Pink Punkers
Here is my layout I created - it is of two of my nieces on Crazy Hair Day. Tracey.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Design Team Challenge Three Layouts - Embellishment Pack

Here are the first entries for Challenge 3... due to late delievery of some packs we have granted extensions to a number of people and hope to have their Layouts displayed soon. Great job everyone!


You're a Heart Mender - Jodi

This is a layout of our new puppy at 2 weeks old (she is now 5 weeks)

She is our heart mender... after we lost our beloved Coopydog a couple of months back.... I immediately knew what I wanted to do with this and look Tracey... Bling, Glitter and Pink!!!

Queen Of Hearts.

Here is my LO using the Embellishment pack. It is another LO of Bronte. I had so much fun with this sample pack and it all seemed to come together nicely. I had no idea what I was doing when I started but just knew I wanted to cut the photo into a heart shape and the rest of the LO just flowed from there.


Thursday, November 8, 2007

Fairy Circles Layouts

Here is my Layout. It is of one of my three dogs, Tiara - she is the baby of the bunch.... in more ways than just her age. The journal ling reads...... Every time I turn around Tiara seems to be getting into trouble. Here she had pinched Aidan's Dummy and is having a ball. TFL. Tracey
Dum(my) Dog

Run Free - Jodi

Here is my layout using the Fairy Circles pack... Loved this pack

@ 21

Here is a great layout from Sara Noendeng... from Stuck?! sketch blog... great work Sara... this layout is lovely.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

DT Challenge 2 Layouts


Here is my LO. I had trouble with this one, I just couldn't get it to look right. I have used the basic use of the rectangle and circle shapes with the theme of a BBQ. TFL. Tracey.

Spring BBQ

100% Aussie Bloke

Hi all. Here is my layout for Challenge 2. I took inspiration from the layout of the article and the theme... Jodi